let the mourners come

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h e l l o
"My own mistake arose, naturally enough through too careless, too inquisitive, and too impulsive a temperament. But of late, it is a rare thing that I sleep soundly at night. There is a hysterical laugh which will forever ring within my ears."

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This is my girlfriend, Emily.


As you can tell, she’s a big cutie. But that’s not the point of this post.


She lives all the way over there to the left, in Illinois. I live all the way to the right, in Virginia. That’s a good 840 miles of space in between us. Ever since we started going out last November, we’ve been dreaming of meeting each other in July. Unfortunately, tickets for the time frame we want to see each other would be around $500, and neither of us have even close to that amount of money.

If we drove, it would cost $560 for me to go to her house and then drive back. I can’t take a bus, because I’m not old enough to go across out of state in one, and even then it would take days.

Guys, I need to see her. I love this girl more than life itself, and I’ve spent nearly seven months without her now. Now, it’s a possibility, if only we could get the money. I’m not asking for you to give your life savings, or even anything at all (though even a dollar would really help)- just please, reblog this, if you can’t donate.

(As a last resort, I’m selling a family heirloom for $300 less than it’s actually worth, at $230. It’s 14k gold reversible ring, with all real diamonds and a real, gorgeous sapphire.



If you’re interested, send me a message .Full info is here.

I’m also opening commissions- here are a few samples of my work. I’ll draw anything you want for basically any price at this point.)

This is the donation link.

I really love her, you guys.